Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc.


The SYS Board of Directors

Governing Board Composition

The Board of Directors of SYS has 8-10 members which are elected to two year terms at the SYS Annual General Meeting. The board is composed of four sub-committees including Audit/Finance, Nominations, and Strategic Planning.

Governing Board Members

  • President: Bob Rohachuk
  • Vice-President: Don Story
  • Director: David Taylor
  • Director: Doug Konkin
  • Director: Jeff Leaper
  • Director: Joe Garcea
  • Director: Lois Ridgway
  • Director: Kim Anderson
  • Director: Terry Matheson
  • Director: Ross Kowalchuk

Program Committee Composition

The SYS Program Committee deals with programming items and is composed of 15 members which are appointed by their zone. This committee deals with issues and items directly related to programs only. You can contact any of the delegate members through the SYS office.

Zone 1 (SUSC):  
Delegate: Tom Smith
Delegate: John Nicholson
Mini Rep:  

Zone 2 (Hollandia):  
Delegate: Mark Lord
Delegate: Mike Sokul
Mini Rep: vacant

Zone 3 (Aurora):  
Delegate: Stewart Gillot
Delegate: Tim Archer
Mini Rep: Mike Berko

Zone 4 (Lakewood):  
Delegate: Christine Haynes
Delegate: Debbie Black
Mini Rep: vacant

Zone 5 (Eastside):  
Delegate: Patty Englund
Delegate: Brenda O’Connor
Mini Rep: Glen Schuler

You can contact any of the Board members through the SYS office.


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