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Frequently Asked Questions

Where/How Do I Register?

Players in the Under 6, Under 8 and Under 10 age groups register with there local Community Associations. The Community Associations then register the teams with Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc.

Under 12, Under 14 and Under 16 players register in their home Soccer Zone. The zones then register teams with Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc.

Under 18 players register directly with Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc.

Every season SYSI sets a soccer registration week. The Zones and Community Associations then try and hold their registration during the week deemed as Soccer Registration week by SYSI. Normally registration for Outdoor Soccer takes place the first week in March and registration for Indoor Soccer takes place during the first week in September. Watch for information in School, Community Association and Zone newsletters as well as in the newspaper, the various websites and for signs in your Community.

If you missed the designated registration nights you can contact the SYSI office at 975-3413 and we will help you find the appropriate person to contact.

If you are an adult you should contact the Saskatoon and District Soccer Association at 975-3427 for information.

What Zone do I live in?

Each Zone is defined below:

a) Saskatoon United Soccer Club (Zone 1): West of the South Saskatchewan River and west of Idylwyld Drive

b) Hollandia International Soccer Club (Zone 2): West of the South Saskatchewan River and East of Idylwyld Drive

c) Aurora Soccer Club (Zone 3): North of 8th Street, East of Circle Drive excluding the area East of McKercher Drive and South of College Drive

d) Lakewood Soccer Association (Zone 4): South of 8th Street, East of Preston Avenue and the area North of 8th Street, South of College Drive and East of McKercher Drive

e) Eastside Youth Soccer Association (Zone 5): East of the South Saskatchewan River, West of Circle Drive, excluding the area South of 8th Street and East of Preston Avenue

NOTE: At a SYSI Special Meeting a motion was passed to change the SYSI Zone boundaries effective the residency date (September 3, 2001) for the 2001/2002 indoor season. Any players born 1991 or later must register using the new Zone boundaries outlined above. Any players born before 1991 must register under the old Zone Boundaries. The change only effects the neighborhoods of Eastview, Nutana Suburban Centre, Brevoort Park and College Park East. If there are any questions please contact the SYSI office.

When does the season begin and how long is the season?

Indoor soccer normally is played from Mid-October – Mid March for U12 – U18 teams. U6 – U10 teams normally don’t start until the end of October and play until Mid-March

Outdoor soccer begins at the start of May. U6 – U10 teams play game until the end of June. U12 – U18 Division 2 & 3 teams play games until mid-July and Division 1 team plays games into the beginning of August.

Where will the games be played?

Indoor Soccer:
U6 and U8 games are played in elementary school gymnasiums.

U10 games are played at the Saskatoon Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Centre.

U11 U18 games are played in the SaskTel Soccer Centre.

Outdoor Soccer:
U6, U8 and U10 most games are played on lined green space in the City of Saskatoon Parks.

U12 – U18 games are played on the City of Saskatoon Soccer Fields.

How much does it cost to register for soccer?

Saskatoon Youth Soccer Inc charges each Zone and Community Association per team they register. To find out the exact cost per player you would have to contact the Zone or Community Association you plan to register with.

What equipment is required to play soccer?

Usual equipment of a player is a jersey (normally supplied by the team), shorts, socks, shin guards and footwear.

U12 – U18 players are required to wear shin guards.

A player shall not wear anything that is dangerous to another player.

How do I book fields?

To book Indoor fields at the Saskatoon Kinsmen Henk Ruys Soccer Centre call their office at 975-3400. To book Outdoor fields call the City of Saskatoon Allocations office at 975-3366.

How do I become a referee?

Each season the Saskatoon and District Soccer Referees Association hold referee clinics. You can contact the SDSRA at 249-5091 for further information.

What level of coaching certification do I require?
Coaching Certification Requirements for Saskatchewan Soccer Youth Provincial Championships (Outdoor & Indoor)

As either an Assistant Coach or a Head Coach, you must have the following Certification to coach at a Youth Provincial Championship (Outdoor or Indoor):

2003/2004 Provincial Championships

Division 1/ Premier Head Coach – Full Community Coach Certificate (Both Youth and Senior)

Division 1/Premier Assistant Coach – Community Coach Youth Certified

Division 2 Head Coach – Community Coach Youth

Division 2 Assistant Coach – Community Coach Youth

2005 Provincial Championships

Division 1/ Premier Head Coach – SSA Provincial Coaching Certificate (See Below)

Division 1/Premier Assistant Coach – Full Community Coach Certificate (Both Youth and Senior)

Division 2 Head Coach – Full Community Coach Certificate (Both Youth and Senior)

Division 2 Assistant Coach – Community Coach Youth

SSA Provincial Coaching Certificate

The Saskatchewan Soccer Association New Provincial Coaching Certificate has been put in place to help prepare coaches for the B License Program. The certification program follows the format of the CSA “B” license pre-test and will allow the coaches to demonstrate some practical coaching competence before advancing to the B license program. The Provincial Coaching Certificate will become the minimum requirement for coaches at the Division 1/ Premier indoor and outdoor championships by 2005.

Old vs. New

This is an integration of the old CSA Coaching program to the new Community Coach Program. As coaches, you will not receive new coaching passports from Coaching Association of Canada. You will be “grandfathered” into the new program. If you are halfway through the program, you will finish your coaching levels with the new community coach program. If you have any questions, please contact Leigh Fitzpatrick – SSA Technical Director at 975-0826 or Colin Melnyk - SYSI Technical Director at 975-3413.

Level 1 (pre-June 1997) = Community Coach-Children
Level 1 Children = Community Coach-Children
Level 1 Youth/Level 1 Theory = Community Coach Youth
Level 1 Senior/Level 1 Theory = Community Coach-Senior
Level 2/Level 1 Theory = Community Coach-Senior
Level 3/Level 1 Theory = Community Coach Certificate

The SSA recommends that coaches complete the theory courses via their local Zone Sports Councils, however, it is not mandatory to have theory levels as part of the Community Coaching Program.

Is the SYSI office open over the lunch hour?

Yes, the SYSI office is open Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 10:00am – 4:30pm.

Please note the office is closed on Wednesday’s.


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